How Do I Choose the Right School for My Child?

It’s an important decision.  As Executive Director of St. Christopher’s Montessori School, I welcome you to join our spiritual journey of family and love in action.  My name is Becky Meyerson, and our family legacy began almost 40 years ago, when Bettye Meyerson (my mother) ran the successful Carillon Montessori in North Dallas with her dearest friend and mentor, Clair Bagby.

Continuing in her spirit and working together with St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, the school has thrived in its Park Cities location (University Park & Highland Park) in Dallas since 1984, where our teachers and staff continue the original foundation of love, devotion, courage and family.

Please accept my invitation to call for a tour, and consider the following questions when choosing a school for your toddler or pre-k child:

Do I want my child’s first school experience to be positive?

At St. Christopher’s Montessori School, we cultivate your child’s development; our first love is shaping young hearts and minds to enjoy learning.  We provide a warm supportive environment where your child will thrive.  Rather than a passive participant, your child will be actively involved in their education at St. Christopher’s Montessori School.  From hands-on experience, exploration and investigation, your child’s eyes will be open to the love of learning.

Do I want my child to be confident?

The Montessori approach is often described as an “education of life.”  Montessori is centered on the child as an individual, based upon his or her own social and emotional development.  The multi-year approach allows your child to feel a sense of family and to develop a close relationship with his teachers.  The strong sense of comfort in your child’s environment at St. Christopher’s Montessori School instills confidence and communication at an early age.

Do I want my child to be self-motivated?

St. Christopher’s Montessori School acknowledges that children learn in a variety of ways and develop at their own pace.  Children progress as they master skills and are not afraid of making mistakes because they are seen as part of the process.  Critical thinking is learned naturally because lessons are linked to other areas of learning.  In the Montessori environment, children develop self-discipline and an internal sense of self-motivation.

Do I want my child to love learning?

Call St. Christopher’s Montessori School today at 214-363-9391 to schedule a tour for Academic Year and/or Montessori Summer Camp.